Antiracist Pub – A Night with information, movies, discussions and culture concerning antiracist politics. Meet people, get organized…

The Antiracist Pub takes place every third friday of the month As a follow-up to the antiracist camp 2008 in Hamburg. This regular event is supposed to be an occasion and a place for antiracists, acitivists, refugees, migrants, people interested in the subject etc. to meet, to discuss, to connect, to organize and of course to laugh and to have fun.

The Antiracist Pub is organized by a collective of different antiracist groups from Hamburg and other persons. Our idea is to give you all a space and a forum to give on information to others. This means, that we invite everyone of you to prepare these evenings with us. For Example: Did YOU ever want to show a certain film or give a lecture concerning the topic? The Antiracist Pub is the right place to do it. But it is also supposed to be a space for many other ideas concerning antiracist politics.

Do yOU have ideas and want to work together with us? Then come on to the next Antiracist Pub! Every third Friday of the month. 7 pm.

Antiracist Pub/Antirakneipe

every third friday of the month

7.30 pm

Hafenvok├╝, Hafenstr.116, Hamburg

U/S Landungsbr├╝cken